Here we are again face to face with the lack of action on climate change. Thick skulls, will this ever penetrate!

blood red skies

resolute warning –

wild fires

Pat R


A haiku for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday where the prompt words are synonyms for Hint & Bold. I used Warning & Resolute.

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15 responses to “Warnings

  1. I’m sitting here in my too hot apartment which normally I’d wait till sundown to open windows for some night/cooler air…but the smoke from wildfires has put us in the “unhealthy” red zone for “air quality” through Monday. I’m really cranky, feeling at the end of my tether–with no A/C, fans just blow the hot air around. I did cook earlier, but have no appetite when it’s too hot…so maybe it’s lime and pineapple sherbet for dinner 🙂 Sorry to whine–your haiku is perfection!


      • I’m humbled by you, my poet friend–there are people who’ve lost EVERYTHING in the fires…and I’m grumping about being too warm and smoke in my throat. I need to be more grateful and appreciative–so I truly do thank you for gently speaking truth. It can’t go on forever…it just seems like one more thing on top of too many. Where are you located–just the state, if you’re comfortable sharing? Are you near the fires? Regardless, I keep you in my heart and prayers always!! ❤


      • Oh, I should have remembered that from all your terrific “door” shots! (sorry for the brain freeze) I imagine you had lots of remembrance/tribute things going on around you today. I limited myself to only one hour-long program which included the film of the 2 towers being hit and collapsing… Seattle has the dubious honor of having the “worst air quality in the World” tonight, due to wildfires–“thick toxic smoke”. Oh my goodness. It’s cooler now (11-ish) so I’ll be closing the windows again…and probably elect to stay in this weekend; improvement is predicted for Monday. It did help to have an explanation as to why I felt generally “icky”… Take good care of yourself, Pat (I meant to ask if you grilled on Labor Day? 🙂 )


  2. I’m grateful we don’t live near the wildfires. A few years back there were wildfires north of us that almost destroyed Gatlinburg, TN. We had a lot of smoke in our area and it as stifling. I can’t imagine what those poor folks are having to deal with that live close to the wildfires.

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