New Coolness

This morning is especially gray. I open the door to the lushness of my garden that is still mostly green. I am greeted by a pair of butterflies dancing around the blooms of the butterfly bush. A welcome sight. As I step outside cupping my mug of tea, I note that it is cooler than I thought. It feels like autumn has taken hold.

new coolness

butterflies brighten gray as
autumn calls

Pat R


For Frank Tassone’s Weekly Haiku Challenge where the prompt is New Coolness. To read or to participate go here

15 responses to “New Coolness

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  2. I’ve got quite a few little cabbage butterflies, mostly white – though some have spots on the top or upper wings. πŸ™‚
    Always fun to see them dancing in pairs spiraling around the butterfly bush – mine is white. I had a purple one… but it didn’t last.


  3. I love watching butterflies do their thing. It looks like really cool choreography 😊.

    My butterfly bushes seem to stick, thank goodness. I have one that made it’s way to the sun by swerving and curling. It’s taking over my front steps. love it! And this morning another goody, there was a hummingbird hanging around it. My first time seeing one in my garden😊. A great way to start the day.



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