the tall maple is a shimmering yellow

the deep crunch beneath my feet

sounds mournful still

its twin to the left

was being gnawed at by rot

and had to be removed

since then I haven’t had the heart

to poach its sticky syrup

I will never forget the gasp escaping the earth

as huge sections of the trunk was felled

the house shook

Pat R


For dVerse Poets Pub… an interesting prompt this week where Sarah is hosting – Three little words. Stop by to read or participate here

My choice : Sticky. Left. Gasp

34 responses to “Maple

  1. This is powerful with grief encompassing nature. I loved these lines the most:

    “sounds mournful still

    its twin to the left

    was being gnawed at by rot”

    Such intriguing imagery you create, it’s stunning. Very well-written with lament and respect to the tree. It’s also saddening the trials that nature goes through in life or death, and it’s really evocative in this piece.


  2. Such a gorgeous maple, Pat, tall and shimmering yellow is a wonderful introduction, and I love the use of sound to express emotion, crunch and gasp. I am attached to the trees in our garden and felt the same when the bay tree had to go – but it’s making a return!


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