end of season storm

sail boat tossed onto highway

nature’s at the helm –

the illusion of power

a human fraility

Pat R


Over at Colleens the theme prompt this month is “Illusion of Power”. To participate or read, go here

10 responses to “Power

    • Oh Cheryl Lynn how are you? My goodness, so good to see you here! It seems that group of ours has scattered to the wind. I know what you mean by missing everybody. I thought about Georgia and that Forest bather the other day😊.. old goat!! 😊. Celestine visits me every now and then. Hope all is well with you too😊.



      • I am well, thanks for asking, Pat. Covid fatigue like everyone in the world, lonely like everyone who lives alone but comfortable and working part time from home. The crisis line is extremely busy since March and we’ve extended the youth line to 29 yrs old. I am glad I have 3 days to work and feel I am doing something and my mind is off me and worry. I have a new granddaughter born Aug 20, 3 weeks early so thankful for that so I was able to spend 3 days with my son and his wife before isolating again since my son is a teacher and exposed to too many students. We are trying to figure out if we can manage to see each other at least for Christmas …Thanksgiving was no show as our government vetoed social gathering since Oct 1st. I think of you and how scary it is in your neck of the woods and pray you and your family are well. xx


      • The family is well thank you. we just stayed close to home. only out for supermarket runs. And then mask up and glove up properly. But no matter how quick the run breathing under a mask is a difficult thing. Thank goodness I don’t have to go into the hospital anymore since I was retired and was mostly still doing it for the comradery, though the extra money was nice too.😊 Don’t know how my colleagues can work in those things for 12hours at a time. But I had to give it up since I’m minding my mom who is 89😊. Thanksgiving & Christmas is going to be a challenge, I agree. My daughter is going to nursing school and working from home. I am so thankful for that. That crises line must be busy right now. Good to hear from you. Stay well. xx



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