Thursday Doors – Seeing Colors

Taken on an unintended doorscursion last week while doing chores. That colorful house was in the Midwood neighborhood in Brooklyn had my imagination going. Hope lots of kids live there, that could be such fun for them๐Ÿ™‚. The other doors was in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. Love the colors.


Thursday Doors is being hosted by Dan over at No Facilities. Stop by to join in here

Katharine Day House โ€“ Thursday Doors

20 responses to “Thursday Doors – Seeing Colors

  1. The colors today are marvelous. I love those green double doors. The little portico and the carved details in the window lentils are also amazing features. That would be a nice entrance to come home to. The blue house that the top is stunning.


  2. That blue house had me driving around the block to come back round for a better shot๐Ÿ™‚. So vibrant! Every once in a while I run across one of these that go all out with the colors, and it’s always fun to see.



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