nearly scampering

across my feet, a squirrel

in flight from a cat

living – even in the wild

never without challenges

Pat R

For Tanka Tuesday where the prompt words over at Colleens are synonyms for Life & Move


move… fly (flight)

I used Living & Flight.. I know, “flight might be reaching a little🙂

To read or participate go here

29 responses to “Challenges

  1. I think “flight” is a form of moving, Pat. I think your squirrel is smart to run from the cat! LOL! Last weekend, in the middle of our front yard, a rabbit starting digging a hole. We just got the grass to come in nicely! I think she was trying to build a nest. Finally, we ended up sticking an onion in the hole! That kept her away. What a bad spot to have your babies. LOL!

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    • LOL… an onion. I never would’ve thought of that🙂. The thing that came to mind was cayenne pepper. I will add onions to my arsenal. Last night there was a raccoon strolling in my garden. Lord knows what he was up to. But he looked at me as if the ask.. what are you doing here. I squirted him with Zevo from the doorway and locked the door🙂. LOL.

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