What If..

what if
down the road in time

a look back shows a loss of mind

facts wounded, locked in a bind

rummage through states of mind

shows emperor clinging to his line

time reveals some knew these truths

chose power, stayed tucked in ruse


For dVerse where Lillian is hosting Quadrille Monday ( 44 word poem invented by the piers at dVerse). The prompt word tonight is “Wound”. To read or to join in go here

20 responses to “What If..

  1. Well…..this was an interesting post for me because my mind immediately went to our former president Trump and what is called “the big lie” — and people still ascribing to it. Don’t know if you intended to refer to that at all….I guess that just shows how all the news coverage in the past, and sadly now still, embeds in our psyche and memories. So much so, that the knee jerk reaction is to recall it.
    Excellent use of the prompt!


    • Ha Ha! It could be all about belief as well. He could be fully clothes but tell you he is nude and you believe it ’cause you don’t want him coming to get you in the dark🙂


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