New Journey

on occasion she asks
to be taken over there
and thrown over

no indication as to where ‘there’ is
she just wants to be done with life

at times she would grab my hand and point with a huge smile

a finger to her lips, hushing me
she was listening as though she was a part of a conversation
and was trying to pull me in

I was to find out later this gathering included her mom, sister, nephew, my dad and some little girl she can never name

all are long dead

too bad I am not able to say
with any certainty that
I see dead people


For dVerse Poets where Mish is hosting and we’re using Movie quotes in a poem. I used
“I see dead people.” – The Sixth Sense, 1999 –

The join in or just read go here

30 responses to “New Journey

  1. What an interesting way to use this quote. I’m getting the picture of an older person with some Alzheimer’s confusion. My grandmother, who lived to be nearly 100, did not have Alzheimer’s, but, she did have occasional confusion in her last years and thought once that her mother was cooking in the kitchen.

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    • You are right, it’s about my mom. She is home on hospice care. She has more periods of confusion than clarity. But I’m thinking they are going to kick her off soon because she is doing so much better, physically anyway🙂.
      Thanks for stopping by

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    • You may be right. My sister says, “she is travelling”, had no idea what she was talking about. She says that’s when the relatives that have gone before are waiting to welcome you. Still have no idea what she’s talking about… I think first, you gotta believe🙂.


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