Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

This one used to be a Catholic Bishop’s Home, now it’s a hall, and part of Bishop Loughlin High  School
A church entrance
This one is of a private home. Not sure what this material is. But I was too chicken to go up and touch it.
one of the doors at BAM
(Brooklyn Academy of Music)
This one is a security door. Love the metal work.

My favorite this week is that first one.


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20 responses to “Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

  1. These are great doors. The first photo is haunting. I would really like to see behind it. the metal work on the bottom door is amazing. Thanks for sharing these with Thursday Doors.


  2. I am quite confident the third door is fibreglass. The mixture of textures would be very unusual in metal, and the style is copied from wood doors, except the central art would require a master carver and would show more irregularities. But it IS a beautiful door! 😉


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