Today, rain clouds was again drawing lines in the sky turning day into night. Eerie takes hold. It was day two of this turbulence. Yesterday it shed the tears I’ve been holding back.

This was fast mirroring my mood. Then the sun broke through.

a first glimpse

of the belles of summer –



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25 responses to “Belles

  1. Love this connection with nature – most especially in these words:
    “Yesterday it shed the tears I’ve been holding back.”
    An intricate write in so few words.
    And I ADORE fireflies…..lived in Iowa for 20+ years and our children loved catching and releasing them….they are indeed magical. No fireflies when you live right in the city (Boston). I content myself now with standing in our 7th floor condominium’s balcony at night and looking at the cities lights flickering in high rises and buildings all around us.

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    • I know what you mean about living in the city. I live in a house in the city (well, Brooklyn), so I have a small back yard with lots of plants. Probably way too much🙂. One of my plants is a tall grass that constantly threatens to over run every thing else. So the fireflies do come every year. Whenever I see the first one I think .. official start of summer🙂. Thanks for reading, glad you liked it.


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