Wordless Wednesday – Vincent

This past Saturday my daughter took me to the Immersive Vincent Van Gogh Exhibit on pier 36 in NYC. It was amazing…all images were the height of the wall with movement, fade-ins and fade-outs. This with musical accompaniments.

Museum goers becoming one with Starry Night – via silhouette. This was one of the coolest thing about this Immersive experience.


15 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Vincent

    • My daughter was able to get early tickets. The ones she got allowed for arrival up to 2hrs before and 2 hrs after your set time. And they didn’t heard you out of there at the end. You could experience it again. The first date she saw available was in July, then she chose this option and it moved way up to last Saturday.

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      • I think it may be different here in Australia. Yours is in NY, right? My daughter also got me the tickets and the experience starts here in September. But the earlier tickets are all fully booked so it’s ok we got October…just fingers crossed that we won’t have lockdown during that time.


      • Ah, yes Lockdown. That always a possibility these days. Even though we are open all were required to wear mask, so there’s that. Yes, we’re in New York. Thought you were here too🙂. So October is not bad. Think positive, it will be fun🙂


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