Thursday Doors Around Brooklyn

I tried to get fuller shots of the last two but it was under the protection of a huge tree. The details are beautiful. I wonder how much was preserved on the inside.


For Thursday Doors over at No Facilities with Dan. To view others go here.

19 responses to “Thursday Doors Around Brooklyn

  1. These are wonderful doors. I love the iron scroll work on the first one, and the curves and colors in the brickwork in the last one. The large roof over the middle one and the intricate patterns in the glass are amazing. I really need to visit Brooklyn again soon.


  2. If you have not seen Monster, Inc or the series Monsters At Work, you really should check out their “doors.” It’s a funny cartoon look at how ‘monsters under the bed’ get there.
    I’m surprised Wazowski and Sully haven’t subscribed to your blog. 😄

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