Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

I forgot where I took this one. Such details! …… I went on a big dig and found out just where I took this photo. It is the door of Williamsburg Savings Bank. A shot of the building is next.
Fancy, right!!!

I run across all kinds of interesting things in my morning walks. This was definitely one of them. It was in a space where a garage ought to be. This baby is going nowhere! Of course, when I saw the vent in top my mind went to mmmm.. this could be converted to a studio apartment!
Love this blue.
I’m pretty sure I used this one before. This is the entrance to a yatch club.. or a place for storing boats.
Love the wood and the details here, no paint.
The above door belonged to this building. I used to live in one of those. A nicely curved alcovel off the living room. For us older kids, it was the ‘boyfriend room’. Until mom caught on, that is!
This one has its own personality I think, Even though it’s snuggled up to a monster building on the right
This is such a cutie, it stood vacant and boarded up for a good long time. The right person finally got ahold of it and put a nice face on it. Tiny, but workable!
Love the idea of the window boxes and this rooftop outdoor space. I would be out there at all hours of the night, star gazing🙂

That’s all for this week.

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22 responses to “Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

  1. These are wonderful. I had to laugh at the thought that someone might be living in the pop-up garage. I could see that. I love the little buildings that survive in big cities. I really like the gate to the yacht club abd the doors at # 502

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  2. Thursday Doors is always one of my top fave features. It’s hard to choose which door I like best among these–I do like the BLUE one, for sure. And the top one looks like it’s painted in verdigris. Blessings to you Pat! 🙂 ❤


    • Thanks for the link. …Glad to see I’m not the only one thinking like that🙂 Didn’t know they had a name, “quonset hut”. Very interesting work they doing there in Detroit. I noticed from the link some are higher. Makes for a better chance of a window and roomier sleeping area. Thanks for the info.


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