Beliefs – Haibun

There is that little voice in my head. The one I listen to only half the time. When I do listen to it and things turn out half way decent, it creeps me out.

The same voice that gets me thinking about someone only to have the phone ring and it’s them.

That little voice…what if that’s the god within us as some believe? If it is, now I know why I am screwed. Too much cussing under my breath. Plus, all that wondering if God is hard of hearing, or is it just me. That, cannot be a good thing.

the sound a leaf makes

as it falls head over heels –

stays lost in the wind



4 responses to “Beliefs – Haibun

  1. There is no “god within us” whether people believe such nonsense or not.
    “Believing something doesn’t make it true. A thing is true or not regardless of whether anyone believes it.” (Paul Little) [Or false; my edit]
    The truth about ‘The God Who Is’ is readily available for anyone if they will seek Him. I recommend to most to start with one of two very short books, either Luke or John.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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