Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

Full front view
Front facing, a little tighter
A little bit tighter still, I was hoping no one from the inside was watching me.
A facing front shot that is focusing on the side. A very handsome side!
A closeup of that tippy top from the above photo. Check out the window on that. There was more of that off the ground floor porch. I didn’t get a shot because I would have to go too close.
A view from the side. The owners must be used to people either just standing and stare, or taking pictures. This house is stunning!!

A lady was going by pushing a stroller with two kids so I did one of those ” pretending not to be gauking at this house” and she just started laughing. Then we started laughing. ” It’s for sale”, she said. “Wanna guess how much?”.

My guess was 7M…she said try 12. So of course I googled it. But it’s closer to 13M. To get a look at the inside see it here.

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