Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

Seems I have a few gray houses this week
This one is in Brooklyn Heights on Montague St. Even with the fire escape running down the front it still a nice looking building. It is called
The Arlington.
Year completed: 1887
Architect: Montrose W. Morris
Floors: 10
Style: Romanesque Revival
New York City Landmark: 1965
National Register of Historic Places: 1962
Also Brooklyn Hts. A couple leftovers from last week.

This one too. They were doing some work on this one. I love the arch behind that first door

Closeup if details inside St Anns Church
This one too
This is a side door of the church
These last four are closeups from inside St Anns Church. They were so nice. I asked permission to go in and take pictures. They said, sure! Even turned on the lights so I would get better shots!

Always loved the look of this house



For Thursday Doors with Dan over at No Facilities. To participate or just look go here

21 responses to “Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

  1. These are marvelous doors, Pat. I love fire escapes, so I think the The Arlington is wonderful. I love the color of that stone. The house at the top, with the large porch is also very nice. They all are nice. Picking a favorite comes down to thinking about where I’d be comfortable. I like the porch. I also like the gray house above The Arlington. I like the way the arch at the entrance is duplicated above in the attic window. Thanks fo sharing this great collection.

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    • Thank you Dan. Glad you enjoyed it. Usually when I think fire escape I think clutter. You’d be surprised what some folks do on their fire escape.. hanging laundry, mini barbecue…crazy, I know. But this one is not in that category. I love the porch too. I’ve seen a modern day porch that was actually a daybed swing from 4 chains. That thing was the size of a full size bed. Been having dreams about one every since. And I just saw what you meant about the arch🙂.


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      • I remember some fire escape images Norm shared when he was hosting Thursday Doors. He had one photo from underneath that I thought was wonderful. I think it’s like anything else, if you work to make it part of the building, it looks OK. A daybed swing? I might never get up. I hope you have a nice weekend.


    • Thanks! You’re right, they’re probably from the same time. That’s Brooklyn for ya! One moment you’re getting the feel of a small town and the next the senses are in disarray from all the traffic noise and people. Thanks for stopping by🙂


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      • That is a unique combination of old and big city. Some day I’ll make it out far to visit. My town is just old and sleepy. I like it that way—I can get my city feel in any of the other busy SoCal cities whenever I want (but most don’t have this neat historical architecture).


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