Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

I read about this house a while back in The Brownstoner and this was my 2nd trip for photos.

“…The Jacob Dangler house, is a French Gothic inspired building began construction in the 1870’s and was completed in 1902. This is in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn…”

The fight to secure landmark status is ongoing. They got some good news recently. For a detailed read on that, go here.

It is now surrounded by that dreaded green fence and scaffolding I think demolition! But maybe not quite yet!
A view from the side yard
I’ve been trying to find photos of what this looks like on the inside with no luck.
Yesterday while I parked my car got out and was in full gauk a lady stood next to me. Didn’t realize it for a minute until she spoke. “It’s a shame they’re trying to tear this down. We should try to save the rose bushes”. That’s an odd focus, I thought! But maybe not. I couldn’t get a good photo of that (red) rose bush.

You can read more about it here, and here.

I don’t remember where this one was.
I thought this one was cute. Couldn’t really see the entrance from where I was standing which felt like the middle of a construction zone. I really like the top.
These last three were taken on Ocean Parkway as I was headed to Coney Island.
Meet cutie pie!!! Elevated above the fray. It doesn’t feel like a real size car, but you never know. We now live in the land of the Smart Mini.

For Thursday Doors over at No Facilities with Dan. To participate or just look, go here.



14 responses to “Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

  1. It would be a shame to demolish that house. There’s a church in my neighborhood that is Landmarked, but they are trying to get a waiver to tear it down, and build a glass luxury building. The congregation is down to less than 20 and it evidently needs millions of dollars in repair. But we don’t need another luxury building. Affordable housing, yes….(k)

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    • With less than 20 there is no one to fight! That’s terrible. These luxury hi-rises are running rampant in Brooklyn. I just still want to know who they are building them for. Because the people in the neighborhoods can’t afford them. So they won’t be able to afford the homes they have now. I’m thinking all these things are gonna end up doing is raising property taxes that no one can pay. I wonder if the way they are getting away with hoisting up so many is by offering up a small portion of these buildings as affordable housing. And I have a feeling that sooner than later that too will go away…crazy.


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