After Words – Quadrille

These conversations of ours

It feels like you are forever in my presence

moreso than when you walked the earth

So agreeable, and still with the jokes

Don’t you have somewhere else to be?

What type of grieving is this?

– these conversations of ours



For dVerse Poets Pub where the host, De, gives the word Type to be used in a quadrille (a 44 word poem created at dVerse). To participate or just read, go here

32 responses to “After Words – Quadrille

  1. Oh, Pat. This is a poem for sitting beneath shady trees in the summer, remembering. It makes me think of Ricky Gervais’ After Life and the woman he meets in the cemetery, talking to her husband, sharing her day with him. For me, that was such a touching observation.

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  2. For the first month after the deaths of my parents, I probably spoke to them daily. And, very year after my father’s death in 1993 I would make a point to sit on the ground at his grave marker on Father’s Day, trimming and scraping the sod and weeds that would try to grow over it. I would spend that time talking to him about myself and family events from the previous year. I continued that when my mother died in 2008. I moved to Missouri in 2012. Every trip back to Buffalo to visit family includes a visit to talk with my parents. They’re normal (one-sided, of course) conversations, and they don’t upset me, but I get teary-eyed just thinking about it, now.

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