17 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Wild Thing

  1. This is so beautiful. White. 👏
    I don’t mean to sound like a know it all. I don’t. But yesterday my son dropped by for a visit while I wondered about a plant I recently bought. Leaves are yellowing. Didn’t know what kind of plant it was. And I’ve been overwatering.
    Anyway he downloaded this Google app for me. And wow. It has a camera function. (Just took a screenshot of your photo)
    So to try my NEW APP out I just looked it up for you:
    “Saponaria officinalis is a common perennial plant from the family Caryophyllaceae. This plant has many common names, including common soapwort, bouncing-bet, crow soap, wild sweet William, and soapweed. There are about 20 species of soapworts altogether.” ~ Wikipedia
    Hope this helps. Or ignore me.
    Just trying to help.
    Thanks for sharing XoXo


    • Wow! Thank you. You are so kind🙂 Sounds like a great app! Something I could definitely use as I rarely know the names of the flowers I’m photographing. What’s the name of the app?



  2. HeyPat.

    Look for Google in the App Store
    Choose the colorful G (not the ball)
    Search with images using lens”

    >> that’s the one. Immediately you’ll see a camera in the search box. It’s genius, methinks<<
    Glad I could help.
    Good night from me. I bless you. Xo

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