Lately, I’ve found myself wondering if animals in the wild behave as we do. I watch the nature show, and I don’t know. I often feel bad for the prey being chased. I yell at them to run!

But as that fails and prey becomes dinner and I see how many of them this one ‘kill’ feeds. I then have to remind myself that they too have to eat.

As my thoughts rounds back to us humans, I wonder – what is our excuse?

pummeling of hope –

out and about while being black

taunts mortality



4 responses to “Us

  1. Prior to Noah’s flood, mankind was only to eat vegetation. However, the dramatic climate change and exposure to the sun that resulted from the Deluge made God decide to allow eating of meat.
    See Genesis 2:5-6 and Genesis 6-9, particularly 9:2-4 for His instructions.
    Later, under Moses, many of the allowed foods were then forbidden because of recognized health risks.


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