P is for Poems


Poems – Where the heart speaks
and give glimpses of inner self
folded in prose, verse, rhymes, suttle nuances
And sometimes not

Poems – Take the soul out for a stroll
at times cloaked in metaphors
toyed with in rhymes, meters, stanzas
And sometimes not

Pat R


A to Z Challenge



B is for Blossoms


on rainy spring day
delicate blossom clusters
awaiting their fate

Pat R


My contribution today is a haiku.

Today is Day 2 of NaPoWriMo where poets post an original poem as part of writing a poem a day for 30 days in the month of April..following a theme or prompt. Or not.



Meanwhile, over at the A to Z Challenge where poets post an original poem,  today the letter in focus are words starting with the letter B


For the amazing list of well over 1000 poets go here:


F is for Frieseke

 F is for Frieseke

Today is day four of the Blogging A to Z Challenge


Garden in June, 1911
Frederick Carl Frieseke 1874 –1939)


a garden retreat
perfect summer afternoon
lost in poetry



 Frederick Carl Frieseke was an American Impressionist painter who spent most of his life as an expatriate in France. He spent summers in a residence next to Monet from 1906 to 1919. His paintings often concentrated on various effects of dappled sunlight. He is especially known for painting female subjects, both indoors and out. He painted nudes as well, also dappled in sunlight which I thought was very interesting to look at.  He was an influential member of the Giverny Art Colony. This is the coolest thing I’ve learned so far on the art adventure of mine, Giverny art colony is still in existence. Artists go there to work, learn, dream and paint in Monet’s garden. Frieseke was quite a respected artist. He was the leader of the American pack at Giverny and their work labeled Decorative Impressionism the Giverny Group included Frieseke, Miller, Lawton S. Parker, Guy Rose, Edmund Greacen and Karl Anderson. World War I pretty much marked the end of the art colony as it was then.