Black Eyed Susan




Something is going on with my black eyed susan. Something funky! Looks like it’s growing another head, or a hat? I never grew them before. The coolest thing about them is that I planted them as seeds early last spring and by summer, I had flowers. Very cool!!

So now, when I thought they should by dying down…I noticed the various stages above. Maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention the first time around and this has all happened before.

Does anyone know what is going on?? It’s all very interesting and makes for great photos.

Pat R



leafcutter ant picture

Photo Credit: Wiki


Carpe Diem Prompt: Universal Self

We are part of all and everything. We are all one with God (or Spirit, Light …) and God is one with us. Finally we will be only spirit …. oneness …

Our Host

no boundaries left

all one with nature, the universe

a new day rises

© Chèvrefeuille


ant rounds my finger

I wait to feel the crawling

nothing! – so I watch



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