Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry II


I think this is down Lexington Ave in Manhattan. I continue to promise myself to ‘title’ my photos at the time of photography or shortly thereafter, but I never do.



In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symmetry.”




Of all her siblings, she was the one who

Looked most like her father; the spitting

image as a matter of fact. Which was odd

because she felt the least favored.

Her earliest memory was fearing him.

She must wade further into this before

the end of time.




Homeless Kids


Normal on the surface

And that’s where it stops

At school days end back to the shelter

Friends can’t come over

And there’s no sleep over

Cause we’re living far from normal

That’s what mom said

No place to stay no place to play

Since grandpa went to heaven

It has been this way

Without a room of our own

We moved to a shelter

‘Cause this was the only way

Missed curfew no bed for the night

Riding the train is now our plight

Danny ’cause he’s little cried all night

Mom planned it so we would get to school

On time for breakfast ’cause

There was not much dinner last night



Mother’s Day


Thought I would take this opportunity to share the above with you, as I am still in an acrostic state of mind from the A to Z Challenge.

No. This one is not mine it was posted in the office of the placed where I had my mammogram done yesterday. With Mother’s Day in the wings it might not be a bad idea to honor matriarchs as well as those blessed with wisdom, sisters, daughters and aunts to take the time to have a mammogram. In the spirit of keeping on top of things. This is what she does for everyone else, now its her turn.



A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: SALSA

A to Z Challenge



S is for SALSA

Definition:  a fast Latin American Dance with influence from several  Latin Cultures


S. Saturated in the rhythms of the night

A. Annabella  was lost in its sensuality her body moved of its own accord

L. Last time she was here they had shared a connection

S.  She danced  all inhibitions thrown

A.  As he watched her across the floor he was drawn to her he moved toward her their eyes met she felt it too he was distracted by his buddy Jake when he regained focus she was gone





Photo taken at The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Scoundrels and Madness


On my car radio this morning there was this story..a blurb actually.

A young woman went out on a blind date with someone she met on the internet. After the date they went back to her apartment. She went into another room for something and when she came back her TV and her Dog was gone. In reporting this to the police she didn’t even know his last name.

I’d say she was lucky!!. What is going on out there????

We keep expecting monsters to look like monsters!!





I took this photo at the Brooklyn Museum some time ago

Challenge – Most Influential “Writing Moment”

Challenge – Most Influential “Writing Moment”

— April 17, 2014 by Opinionated Man

Do you have a moment that you consider the most influential on your writing? If so care to share? If you write a post and send me the link I will reblog.

sunset from pier gulls

photo taken off the pier in the neighborhood



I don’t particularly remember a moment of influence like a teacher saying ‘great job you could be a writer’ or anything like that.   All I remember was that for me, writing didn’t come with furrowed brows and beads of sweat like it did for my counterparts.

In school, essay questions were my forte. Where others panicked on the lack of multiple choice questions, I saw it as an opportunity to hover, circle and land in the spot I needed to be to answer the question. I was biding time till the light-bulb flicked on. There was some appreciation for that from the teacher it showed her I could think. Of course, I didn’t think of it that way at the time.

As I came into young adulthood writing my thoughts down kept me out of jail. As I would read it back it became the ‘slap in the face’, ‘the wake up’ and ‘ the are you crazy’ I needed to just walk away and not do something stupid. Now that would be a most influential writing moment, right? That’s what I mean about writing around it till it comes! Unfortunately, I never kept any of those written words. Recently I have been writing poetry and have been finding that some of that stuff was just writing itself. Writing is fun as well as therapeutic and it’s cheaper than a therapist. And now that I am done with school, it feels like a luxury.







A to Z Challenge Acrostic poem: OGEE


O is for OGEE

Definition:  OGEE…S- Shaped


O   Ocean on one side picturesque jagged cliffs on the other  this narrow roadway hugs the edge

G   Grand ocean views tempered by rambunctious crashing waves like screaming warriors  scaling a precipice only to be sucked back down again

E   Evenings send the  mesmerizing sunsets the temptress beckons seducing all on this curvy drive

E   Every  stolen glimpse from this meandering S-shape is a glimpse closer to peril