he fights irrelevance
with harsh thorny rhetoric
he stokes the fire
with a gasoline soaked stick
guised in patriotism
he fights irrelevance

Pat R



Weekly Photo Challenge:Layered

one leaf at a time
vines sprawl on trunk bear scribles
of the coming fall

Pat R


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

For Daily Post: Leaf

For Carpe Diem Haiku: Creating Beauty



Weekly Photo Challenge:Shiny

A lovely detour in Bryant Park. ‘Tis the evening of the Bare Foot Ball. I don’t know how much of a ball it was, didn’t stay. But it sounded like a DJ (a famous one), and dancing on the lawn in your bare feet:)

Pat R


Weekly Photo Challenge

This is one of my ‘sit down’ spots, night and day.

With all the rain, this baby is 5ft tall…I may have accendentally fed it in the spring…



Why satisfaction? I’m finally finished with making my garden presentable…so now, I’m putting out some cute stuff#!! đŸ™‚

Pat R


For WP Weekly Photo Challenge:Satisfaction

Weekly Photo Challenge:Unusual

(Monstera obliqua, Swiss cheese plant, house plant suited for partly shaded habitats.)

I’ve  had the plant in a pot for years. Every now and then I re-pot it with the hope that it will go crazy and run (‘creep’ – its a vine) all over the house. It never does. But it doesn’t die either:) I had no idea what the botanical name was, I looked it up. Where I come from we call it a ‘creeper’.



WP Weekly Photo Challenge :Unusual