Slow Dance – Cherita



vinyl spins
on the turntable

we slow dance
in our nakedness
by the warmth of the fire

Pat R


For Thotpurge Micropoetry Month Day 15


Weekly Photo Challenge : Experimental


Christmas Quadrille


De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo), is our host this week on Quadrille Monday over at dVerse Poem. The challenge is to make sure the poem is precisely 44 words long, and literally contains some form of the word kick.

So here is mine, my first Quadrille


New curtains, throw pillows new spreads for the beds

Fruits been soaking
With this there’s no joking

In bath of red wine spiked for kick with
other kinds

Digging out Christmas Carols

job for brother Darryl

Meats highly seasoned

we’re set for Christmas Season

Pat R


Daily Haiku Challenge



cauldron of rhythms
bass, drums, wailing tenor sax –
jazz cacophony
summer night under the stars
soulful rhythms fill the air

Pat R


WP Daily Prompt : Cacophony


WP Weekly Photo Challenge:Glow

I don’t know the name of this fruit or its tree. I saw it in the park today.

fallen fruit
glows in autumn sun
back to the earth

Pat R


Weekly Photo Challenge

The Prompt is : PEDESTRIAN

Quiet outdoor space at NYU Hospital


Watching folks go by, giving him the eye, ’cause he was just sitting there. Awaiting his turn with the Trainor.


The new Tappan Zee Bridge