Sacred Sanctuary


lone figure
kneeling at the altar –
in talks with God


a sacred quiet.
cool darkness of Cathedral
In talks with God
Pat R


For Carpe. Diem. Haiku

Daily Haiku Challenge





Well, last Sunday was Easter Sunday and I made one of my mom’s moves, I went to church. Yes, I did. The earth did not open up and swallow me, I’ve been waiting! Clearly He is a forgiving God.

Things have changed since I was last in the House of the Lord, there are politicians there now! Plugging stuff, pushing stuff! Well known ones too, I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. The Senator was talking about gun buy-backs, I was very confused.

I should have been prepared for this. The first indicator was out in front of the church, someone running for re-election, I didn’t even pay full attention to the ‘for what’. But there he was, pressing the flesh. Much like those encamped at the entrance to the subways during election season.

Another thing that has truly changed was the attire worn to church, the micro minis, the stiletto heels. Oh my goodness, where was I? Another really weird thing was I was the only one I saw with a Bible. All the folks around me were reading from the bible downloaded on their cell phones.
Despite the distractions, the Easter Program was very moving. I am thankful I was motivated to attend.