A is for Ancestors


Photo: Taken at the Atlantic Antic Street fair, don’t know if they know each other but they do look good together ūüôā



On his own / At thirteen a runaway

After passing of his mom / One true love gone

Childhood ceased / No longer belonging

There was no love in their eyes / He was fit only for labor

He made his way to town / Because no one cared

He surprised an older cousin/ This cousin looked out for him

He lived hand to mouth / Till he was seventeen

Then he met my mom / he met a girl of similar fate

She had just come to town / She too was fleeing hardship

These two wanderers made a life together / She had found her anchor

Pat R


Today is make up day and also a three for one day, also twist and turn day (prompt transfer day..Family Portrait was the prompt for Day 2 at NoPoWriMo).
This is for NaPoWriMo, A to Z Challenge ..I missed the letter …A, and Cleave Poem over at JaneDoughertyWrites.com. This is one of the coolest form of poetry I’ve come across. Thanks Jane:) for the introduction.

“A cleave poem is in two halves, two separate poems, one on the left, one on the right, but that make a single poem when you read them together. It sounds tricky‚Ķand it is.¬†BUT there are no rhymes, no rhythms and no set length..”

Jane Dougherty Writes


A to Z Challenge

For the amazing list of well over 1000 poets go here:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: New


The is a wetland area in my neighborhood in Brooklyn.
It’s fully under the spell of winter
Exhibiting a different kind of beauty I had not noticed until now.






Bias ingrained

Hearts and minds indelibly inked

A disconnect from statues in place

Black life don’t matter

Those charged with upholding

guided by inked hearts and minds

Modern day linching

No, he was not 22 he was only 12

He was reaching for license and


Yes, He’s got a smart mouth he

shouldn’t have to pay with his life

One step forward 5 steps backward

Sad, sad times that should no longer be



Coney Island



At season’s end
Rides packed up for hibernation
Ocean hugs the shores without interruption free reign unto itself

Wistful wanderings along the boardwalk
Another season gone
Collars up locals snuggled in deep
Summer scarfs will no longer do

With Holloween in the wings
Fall has come to the beach
With the winter next in line



Rainy Day Memories


“Rain rain go away

come again another day “

Childhood rainy day taunts from the porch


Witnessing the first drink of parched earth and

the feeble dust rise

Smudged by more intense raindrops

eliciting the scent of rain


Being pelted by raindrops breaking

On my forehead banging off my skull

in the dash from the porch to race around

newly formed puddles


Strolling in a downpour feeling like a rebel

Envious stares ruled the afternoon

On arrival home mom was aghast

Didn’t catch my death ….


Leaves trembling in the move from dry to shiny

Dancing from the impact of raindrops at journeys end

Starved vegetation celebrate long awaited moisture


Rain rain go away

come again another day





gravel road two

Photo credit: Valean R


free from inhibition

 she abandoned  the peril

and embraced the freedom

of running downhill

arms flailing

she was all in



This post is from a memory of running downhill on a gravel road!


Avenues of love

IMG_8175 pair

Avenues of Love

Love is forever
Our hearts beat as one
Your breath is my breath
Can’t live with you
Can’t live without you

 I gave you my heart
Now I want it back

Two peas from completely different pods

I have lost my mind
Only you can help me find it
What was I thinking
Halfway is not forever
It didn’t feel like halfway

 Who knows what love is?
It’s a crazy pheromone fog
That I live to delve into each day
I blame puck