Photo taken at 7:15pm this past Sunday.

In the month of April I participated in the marathon A to Z Challenge which I absolutely enjoyed. It gave me the opportunity to get rid of some of these characters running around in my head. Most of them I didn’t even know were there. I just followed where they took me. To all who stopped by, commented and decided to stick around, I thank you. I really do appreciate your support.


As for suggestions for improvement, I have none, it was a great experience all around.

A special thanks to Alex J. Cavnaugh

and cohosts and helpers.

Especially to those who helped when my brain was fried from working 12 hour shifts and I couldn’t remember the rules of the challenge in the beginning. Which is why my ‘B’ entry came way down the line. A special thanks to

Danny D of

Evelyne of

for their continued support and encouragement. I did not get to as many blogs as I would have liked but I do plan to plod on.

Again thanks to all.



A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: ZETA



Z is for ZETA

Definition : a small room or closet in a church

Z   Zsazsa looked forward to and planned this very special day since she was a young girl

E   Enrique was her Prince he completed her they had come a long way

T   Today was the day yet here she stood rooted to the spot in this small room – petrified

A   Awaiting her was Enrique and a church full of wedding guests



A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: YAR



IMG_5633 sail boats

Y is for YAR
Definition.. responding easily; maneuverable


 Yachting a full on summer activity on the island small maneuverable crafts abound sail boats in their glory

A   All day basking in the sun tempered by warm breezes billowing sails gliding across reflecting waters

R   Relaxation the art perfected





A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: XU


X is for XU

Definition : former monetary unit of Vietnam


X   Xuan grew up in wartime Vietnam survival meant taking chances she would not ordinarily take she chose life and was unabashed in its pursuit

U   Uphill struggles was a part of daily living as she foraged for anything she could sell for the Xu needed to buy food for her siblings





#A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: Temulence




A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: TEMULENCE
Definition: intoxication

T   They was no way around it it’s done

E   Evangelina had his heart he is now intoxicated in a less traditional way

M   Moonlight strolls and four hour conversations have never been this effortless in the history of time

 Unable and unwilling to give that up he had succumbed

L   Lately he had come to accept that without her

E   Every passion she awakened was headed back to obscurity with him in tow

 Not one to reverse his fortune he resisted fading back into the background

C   Conscious choice brought him to complete surrender

E   Every living breathing part of him was titillated by her presence