now ghouls and goblins
sport business suits as costumes –
life in eerie times

Pat R


Colleens Weekly Poetry Challenge: Eerie & Costume

Daily Haiku Challenge




Saturday morning in the outdoor plant section of Home Depot was a treat! Look who I met! She was just sitting there, not moving at all. And she was at the edge of the aisle. People on the hunt for plants, barely noticing her. In the shot from behind, you can see a little head and two eyes to the right. I was about two feet away. Workers say she comes back every year and choose a potted plant for her nest.

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen up close. It set my day right!


Thursday Doors

This used to be a bank (Williamsburg Bank), now condos.
The first photo is of a building that used to be the phone company building. It is now repurposed as condos. Very pricy condos.
Manhattan has moved across the Brooklyn Bridge into Downtown Brooklyn. And with it came the traffic. It used to take me 30 minutes from my neighborhood to the bridge. That now takes 90 minutes. Progress.

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Pat R


Potted Plant


potted plant
celebrates return of spring
lone leaf rejoice

Pat R


For Cape Diem Haiku

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Hues of Autumn


Taken in the mountains yesterday.

up in the mountains
immersed in hues of autumn –
drizzle of colors

Pat R


My first time participating in

Book n Volume Daily Haiku Challenge

where the prompt (or no prompt) is the :Season

Hideout from Storm

IMG_1610 bird in butterfly bushIMG_1618 puddle

This one was a building puddle!!!  The garden is getting a good soaking.

IMG_1609 bird head upside down

In the middle of a thunder storm thought I’d look see what was going on outside…and there he was in my tree height butterfly bush. I guess he was used to the thunder so my opening the door didn’t scare him… I don’t quite get the head upside down though. Maybe he was having a drink..

Tan Renga: Night Rolled Away


night rolled away
the street-sweeper’s broom
deepening dawn sounds
© gillena cox

followed by the garbage truck
the roosters of city life



night rolled away
the street-sweeper’s broom
deepening dawn sounds
© gillena cox

sound of raindrops on broad leaf
hostas outside my window

Pat R