Unspeakable Deeds

duck butt in the air

Unspeakable Deeds

the sinew that unites us outweighs

the differences that are the causes of

conflicts that have us mourn

unspeakable deeds

and wonder how could such things be

time to do the thinking with the other end





flag 7 good



I    Irreconcilable differences

H   Have been resolved through the inborn will of the human spirit to

       triumph over  that which is unjust

A    All who fought, prayed, and hoped for

V    Victory in the protracted battle for

E    Equality under the laws of this great nation

A    Are joyous as we have indeed come a great distance

D    Daring to have faith that the “bank of justice was not bankrupt”

R    Resolute in our determination that we should fully realize our quest

       for  “one nation under God”

E    Every citizen who demanded we carry ourselves in a manner

       that is consistent with our position as a leader on the world’s stage

       has contributed to what has culminated in

A    Giant leap forward as one nation

M    Managing to achieve some semblance of the truths aspired to in our

         initial rebellion is evidence we are steadfastly and courageously are on

         the right path



Dr Martin Luther King

civil rights d

civil rights b

civil rights a

civil rights c

  In 1963 about 250,000 Americans of all races joined together in Washington D.C.  Martin Luther King “I have a dream,” speech delivered that day.


civil rights g

Woolworth sit-in

Greensboro first day

Ezell A. Blair, Jr. (now Jibreel Khazan), Franklin E. McCain, Joseph A. McNeil, and David L. Richmond leave the Woolworth store after the first sit-in on February 1, 1960.

(Courtesy of Greensboro News and Record)

civil rights h

The Problem We All Live With

Norman Rockwell painted The Problem We All Live With in 1964. It depicts federal marshals guarding six-year-old Ruby Bridges on her way to elementary school in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1960.



civil rights f

Poster—One Man, One Vote

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee poster, about 1963