Clean & Sharp

clean smooth stone
wiggles the sharp curve
of the moon

Pat R


For Colleens Weekly Poetry Challenge


Summer Fling


This early summer morning, as the sun crept into the garden, one inhabitant still lingered. Legs wrapped onto the underside, and full body weight cradled near the edge of the peony leaf. There he was, such a lusty lad! I wondered how he managed to balance here and with such composure. After all, the peonies were no longer in bloom. Maybe old friends bidding farewell, till next season then. He allowed some closeups, several in fact. Till the sun crept onto his night perch. Then off he flew. His day had begun.


night spent in the arms

of a peony leaf

a summer time fling

Pat R





kite romping in sky

figure eights and loop de loops

long for summer days



In response to Carpe Diem Haiku. For further reading and other poems follow link below