Bond & Seek

an unlikely pair
this unbroken connection
through childhood trials,

and broken hearts, a cherished
gift, more than I could ask for

Pat R


For Colleens Weekly Tanka Poetry Challenge : Bond & Seek ( synonyms)
I used ‘unbroken connection & ask for’.


Tanka – Bells & Past


tiny bells jingle
with each ornament placement –
children’s eyes widen

santa must be near, grandpa
hides a smile, old hijinks on

Pat R


Colleens Weekly Poetry Challenge: Prompt words Bells & Past – synonyms, sortašŸ˜Ž

For OLN over at dVerse Poets Pub

An anthology of the poets work can be bought onĀ Amazon both inĀ EuropeĀ and inĀ North America. I am certainly looking forward to the read. It will make a great gift. Merry Christnas to all!


Quiet Surrender

asway in hammock
wrapped in the arms of nature
quiet surrender
to sound of tumbling creek
and the wind in trees, healing

Pat R


For Carpe. Diem. Haiku Prompt: Wordlessness

( an exceptional weekend)
To read more about the prompt go here





Voice & Watch

voice of the wind a
deafening roar, nature’s wrath
mourns human antics

Pat R



Colleen’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Voice & Watch


Hate & Pride


the trampled on pride –
a growing cloud over love
a long recovery
emotions battle between
love hate, heart wants what it wants

Pat R



Colleens Weekly Poetry Challenge


#Daily Haiku Challenge

Help & Smile

I can’t help but smile

when I think of you – longĀ walks

sharing hopes andĀ dreams

your help as the waves claimed sand

beneath my feet, I felt safe

Pat R



Tanka Tuesday