Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

This one is on Ocean Parkway. The details here are stunning for a brick house.
A bit of a closeup on the previous one
I never could get a proper shot of this one in Park Slope… love the colors!
Love the bricks! I guess this week is bricksville🙂

Except for this beauty!

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Thursday Doors.. Around Brooklyn

Coming to you from my archives🙂

Apt building entrance Eastern Pkway , Brooklyn

Lower Manhattan, E30 the Street

Apartment building in Empire Blvd. Weird how I can look at these and remember where they were taken.

This one is pretty cluttered with all that’s going on, but I really like it. Reminds me of my room🙂. This was taken in Flatbush Ave.

Residence in Park Slope

Catholic Church

The first red one was taken in Manhattan. The others were taken around Brooklyn.



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