IMG_0450 egret

a hammock  gently sways
under cover of huge twin maples
on the edge of dreams
the trickle of the creek
the rustle of maple leaves
a passing wind
birds singing an ongoing melody
these sounds of nature and
dappled sunlight
sprinkle daydreams
on long summer days

Pat R


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C is for Cricket


crickets raise ruckus
cloud of fireflies play tag
humid summer night

Pat R


Day 3 of A to Z Challenge
Day 4 of NaPoWriMo

Over at the A to Z Challenge where poets post an original poem, today the letter in focus are words starting with the letter C



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A is for Ancestors


Photo: Taken at the Atlantic Antic Street fair, don’t know if they know each other but they do look good together 🙂



On his own / At thirteen a runaway

After passing of his mom / One true love gone

Childhood ceased / No longer belonging

There was no love in their eyes / He was fit only for labor

He made his way to town / Because no one cared

He surprised an older cousin/ This cousin looked out for him

He lived hand to mouth / Till he was seventeen

Then he met my mom / he met a girl of similar fate

She had just come to town / She too was fleeing hardship

These two wanderers made a life together / She had found her anchor

Pat R


Today is make up day and also a three for one day, also twist and turn day (prompt transfer day..Family Portrait was the prompt for Day 2 at NoPoWriMo).
This is for NaPoWriMo, A to Z Challenge ..I missed the letter …A, and Cleave Poem over at JaneDoughertyWrites.com. This is one of the coolest form of poetry I’ve come across. Thanks Jane:) for the introduction.

“A cleave poem is in two halves, two separate poems, one on the left, one on the right, but that make a single poem when you read them together. It sounds tricky…and it is. BUT there are no rhymes, no rhythms and no set length..”

Jane Dougherty Writes


A to Z Challenge

For the amazing list of well over 1000 poets go here:

A to Z Challenge participants list


I is for Inness

Today is day nine of the A to Z Challenge the letter is I

In this challenge I am taking the opportunity to learn more about art and the painters. I am learning a lot!


Sunset at Etretat by George Inness, 1875

GEORGE INNESS, American ( 1825 – 1894)


perched on a hill

enjoying nature’s canvas

the heavens come to earth



George Inness was born May 1st, 1825 in Newburgh, a town upstate New York. He was one of thirteen children. In 1839 he studied for several months with painter, John Jesse Barker. In his teens, Inness worked as a map engraver in New York City. He studied with Régis François Gignoux, a French painter. He attended classes at the National Academy of Design, and studied the work of Hudson River School artists Thomas Cole and Asher Durand. He lived and worked in Paris and Rome. The work of the 1860s and 1870s often tended toward the panoramic and picturesque, topped by cloud-laden and threatening skies. He was one of the most successful landscape painters in America.

Inness died while in Scotland on August 3, 1894. According to his son, he was viewing the sunset, when he threw up his hands into the air and exclaimed, “My God! oh, how beautiful!”, fell to the ground, and died minutes later. What a way to go!

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