Autumn Still

These last few months were spent discovering what I am made of. I could have done without it. It was not pretty.

It felt like a series of gut punches featuring endings that cumulated with a teetering on the brink. This left all in the family breathless. That saying about crap coming in threes – no exaggeration!!

I am, however, still standing. I was blessed with the strength to pull back from the brink. And for this, I am thankful it is autumn still.

autumn leaves

nestle in blue skies

as winter nears



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August Day

It is early morning and the splash of color in the sky – a gift of sunrise. This second august day is cooler, more breathable than in previous days. It seems that autumn has stuck it’s big toe in.

I know it’s still a bit early for this but images of autumn leaves surfing crisp cool air fill my head. As I pass an especially woodsy area of this park, there is a steady breeze.

This is enough for a pause with outstretched arms, head tilted back and eyes closed, regardless of who is watching.

cool, breezy morning
hosts lively russle of leaves –
hints of autumn


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Tanka Tuesday

noon day sun struggles
to fuse through stark autumn gray
a stillness clings fast –

massing onto bare branches
the silhouettes of black birds

Pat R

The prompt words are Drift & Mingle.. I used the synonyms Mass & Fuse

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autumn slips away

marred by lush flights of fancy

with no path to grace

Pat R

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