A bell at sunset

IMG_5616 maui sunset

Carpe Diem #732 “A bell at sunset”

In (spring 1689) Basho
“Spending a lonely spring evening in a country cottage” wrote

bell at sunset
also was not heard
a spring evening
© Basho (trans. Jane Reichhold)

And at another time he also wrote
“kane tsukanu/ stow a nani o ka/ haru no kure
[bell not-ring/ village as for what do / spring’s evening]”

no bell ringing
what do the villagers do
on a spring evening
© Basho (trans. Jane Reichhold)

HOST wrote a ‘ like’ haiku:

no poplar seeds
are falling like snow
under the rainfall

the cuckoo’s call
unheard on the plains
on a spring morning

© G.s.k. ’15

My attempt:

no bell at sunset
time for quiet reflection
thoughts of tomorrow



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