Less Cold (Shoukan) Haibun

Carpe Diem #890 Shoukan (less cold)

In my area we’ve enjoyed unseasonably warm temperatures for maybe two months now. The birds have been raising a ruckus in the tree filled with red berries in the front of my house. It truly has been a show watching their comings and goings. Some teetering on the slimest of branches with huge berries in their beaks. Some jostling for position. Today, the tree stands empty , bare branches with berries against gray winter skies. No flurry of activity, no being pecked here and there. It’s enjoying moments of stillness. Thanks to a 24 degree day.

birds not out today
no nibbling of berries
shoukan a memory

Pat R


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This month at Carpe Diem Haiku we’re working on kigo ( season) words. That is, words that in this form of poetry is referring to the time of year.
In this episode the prompt words are “Shoukan (less cold)”. This is the period after the winter solstice, 21 december, when the days slowly begin to get longer.

deep frost
skating in bright sunlight –
wise men on their way

© Chèvrefeuille

For Carpe Diem Haiku

First Snow

berries in snow 1


dreams of white Christmas

first snow flakes on red berries

a winter canvas

Rising to the first snow fall of the season, the blanket of snow lay undisturbed. It was our duty to trudge through this eight inch carpet down to savor the creek. This revealed snow perched on mini islands of ice and on bare branches overhanging rushing water. Fingers and toes rebelled, it was time to get back to the warm fire.