Wordless Wednesday – Morning Ritual

I killed two fireflies in the house last night that was buzzing around the bathroom mirrow before I realized they were fireflies! I am going to firefly hell!!

Then I remembered this little beauty!



Jazz – Street Murals

These are two of about eight murals that act as cover for a building that is undergoing renovation. This takes the eyesore out of the construction site. I always thought that all the murals, often seen in groups, were done by one artist. Not so! I think this one had a curator. It’s at Underhill Ave & Lincoln Place in Brooklyn.

Well, the first one says Charlie Parker.┬áBut the second one had no name on it. The artist left it up to us. I think it’s Roy Hargrove. What do you think?


Pat R







a small garden snail
stretch out on hydrangea leaf
bird eyes its next meal
snail pulls back into his shell
the old dance of deception

Pat R


Daily Prompt : Fraud


Daily Haiku Challenge





Oddball Photo Challenge


Close inspection! The Oddball aspect…I only got half of him.

oddball 20160719_163056 white leaf.jpg

I don’t know about you guys but whenever I look at this photo I feel like a kid sticking his tongue out at me:)

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Pat R