Autumn Quatrain

The challenge today is to write a quatrain.
The beauty of the quatrain (4 lines with an AABA rhyme)
I’ve never written one before. But here goes:

Across the yard wind blown leaves frolic
As I revel in this autumn classic
They pick up speed going the other way
Swell of the russle adds art to graphics

Pat R




Thotpurge Micropoetry Month



in my garden
starflowers bloom
come and see

© Chiyo-Ni (age 6)

in my garden
a kitten chasing a bird
he thinks he can fly

starflowers bloom
glow in moonlight
earth borne stars

come and see
the drizzle of autumn leaves
outside my window

Pat R


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Summer flowers are still blooming in my garden.

Clearly on this 61 degree fall day, I’m not the only one confused. Or just maybe this is its time, and I am the one in the dark.

Have a good week and a happy turkey day (Thanksgiving). Before you delve in, remember to embrace and give thanks for all you have to be thankful for!

Pat R


In the Darkest Hour

Carpe Diem Special #182 Ese’s third “in the darkest hour”


This post’s origins started here earlier this year:

morning prayers
the rising sun between
my hands

© Kala Ramesh

I remember this haiku by Kala, I was very moved. It inspired this haiku of mine:

morning prayers
a new chance to live
in the light of God
Pat R

Kala’s haiku inspired this from Ese:

in darkest hour
wishing upon the morning star
just like years ago

© Ese of Ese’s Voice

Now here is my inspiration for Ese’s:

in the darkest hour
silence gives rise to His voice –
a flicker of light

Pat R


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