A Haibun


Not sure what’s going on with me on the inside. Whatever it is, its not truly bubbling up to the surface. It’s lurking deep within. Every now and then I get snatches of it. It feels like shades of blue. On this spring day, winter lingers. The kid-musician down the block is not helping. The mournful notes from his violin an interim shroud to these snatches of blue.

crows atop branches
flit at the bidding of the wind –
on the lookout for spring

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge where the prompt words are: Dance & Command ( using synonyms).

Here are synonyms


Pat R




lonely courtyard
under the night sky
chill of fall mingle with blues
change is coming

Pat R


For Carpe. Diem. Haiku: Courtyard Blues

# Daily Haiku Challenge

Lavish – #DailyHaikuChallenge


Winter’s Chill

Photo: this is what’s going on in the skies today

as the season change
a hint of melancholy
mix with winter’s chill
fighting the blues on gray days
I long for warmth from the sun

Pat R


#Daily Haiku Challenge

#Carpe Diem Haiku

Shapes & Heart


mid october day
shapes of gray patches fill sky
a touch of the blues

memories looming like clouds
this dear heart of mine – aching

Pat R


For Silver Threading Tanka Tuesday Challenge




Autumn Blues

deep into fall
she reveals her true beauty –
frayed autumn leaves

carpet of rich burgundy
chases the late autumn blues

Pat R


Inspired by:

summer’s vines

summer’s vines
persistent as paperwork
fall to my blade
yet i want nothing more
than my head on your chest


over at



An evening
Of tangled thoughts…
Through branches
Even this rugged moon
Looks tattered at the edges

-Kala Ramesh

For Carpe Diem Haiku

Haiku Compilation

playing the blues with
more than a touch of Indigo –
swamps the night sky

cry of the seagulls
gliding in the spring sunshine
a stray summer day

night bird soars
by light of the moon
eagle eyes

in a fleeting glance
feel of the familiar
from somewhere in time

forbidden love
longing would not be quieted
above all else love

For Jane Dougherty Writes

Prompt words:
indigo, cry, night bird, fleeting, forbidden


airing out the soul
lament from blues guitar licks
audience in grip

Pat R


Inspired by:

blues night
at the pub around the corner
drinking Guinness

Carpe Diem Haiku

I found this video of Jimi Hendrix, pretty cool I thought

Jimi Hendrix 12 String Blues