Wordless Wednesday

About/ from the curator of the Bonsai Museum at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden go here.


Bonsai Museum at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a ‘hidden gem’ within a gem at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Read more about the collection here.


There’s more to see, I am just obsessed with this one.




Taken 4/28/19

I have been trying to find time to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. I am particularly interested in seeing what is happening to the cherry tree canopy at the Cherry Esplanade.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to. But from what I have been seeing here and there in the neighborhood, cherry blossoms are still in their early stages.

The magnolia tree up the block seems to be farther along.

canopy undressed

blooms still in talks with nature

cherry blossom tales



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Thursday Doors


This door came with a lot of light. This is in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. They have events here, weddings, etc..beautiful!


This is another shot. The promenade has a pond and a fountain..


This door is to an apartment building in Brooklyn. The building felt like it was something else and was converted to living space.


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