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Taken off the Pier


There is an energy here in Brooklyn. Its palpable. People from Manhattan are moving across the Brooklyn Bridge in droves. Even with this latest surge, neighborhoods still feel like villages.
This is a place where a different neighborhoods can mean different cultures and flavors. Or, one of every restaurant can be found in the same neighborhood. But this can be said of all of NYC.

In my neighborhood, we are at the water’s edge. There is a pier, sunsets and sunrises are spectular here. We have a nature preserve which is sort of an inlet of the waters from the Atlantic Ocean. It hosts tall grass and different types of wildlife. I’ve seen seaguls, ergrets and mallards, a photographers paradise.

But the great thing about living here is that everything is at your fingertips. People come to NYC for museum visits, broadway shows and the sights. Mostly, we just go to work and go about our lives. But…it’s all at our fingertips should we choose to part take.

off the pier
nature mutes hustle –
seaguls soar

Pat R


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Echoes of My Neighborhood-DETAILS – Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge



I always wonder what these were, there are a few of them. My imagination tells me they have to do with cell phones. I may be off altogether.


The walkway onto the Brooklyn Bridge

I think this must have been publicized in tourist booklets because the traffic on the walkway has grown immensely. The photos from it are amazing, especially sunsets.




Lines and more lines. It’s best to be in the passenger seat, then you don’t have to keep your eyes on the road.


Support – the beauty is in the details. Everytime I’m on this approach my imagination runs wild. The sweat that must have gone into this is amazing.


Love the archetecture…approach onto the bridge. I think that building in the distance Is a government building. Love, love it’s top.

Lines and more lines. It’s best to be in the passenger seat, then you don’t have to keep your eyes on the road.

I guess this week I had archetectural ‘lines’ on my mind:)

For Echoes in My Neighborhood

Pat R


Brooklyn Bridge II


It still is the weirdest feeling to be driving on the bridge and see the throngs of pedestrians on the walkway strolling across the bridge. Sometimes there are wedding parties up there, bride, groom and all!






sea of humanity

ebbing and flowing

a brisk pace

all sizes shapes colors

a melting pot continually refreshed

thwarts efforts to curtail

tennative members of the pot

come to get lost in plain sight

adding to the pulse and vibrancy

no longing for cultural staples

it’s tucked in every corner of the city

flavors and smells emanate

world citizenship

citizens of humankind

a clandestine revolution




Brooklyn from the Bridge

brooklyn from the bridge
Taken while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge a few days ago. The highway in the distance is the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. We check out the density of the traffic we are headed toward and decide on alternate routes.