Haibun Monday – Kindness

It’s Monday over at dVerse poets. Haibun Monday. This week the topic is “kindness”. Pop over, have a read and join in from here.This is my entry.

I’m in the Victorian House enclave of Brooklyn. They’re filming a movie. So this usually means no parking spaces for mere mortals. I find a spot. I’m backing in and the guy behind me is opening his hood. I park and go about my business.
I come back to my car and there’s a ticket on it. I’m irritated. I don’t remember a parking meter. Damn!

This guy is where I left him. Only this time he has booster cables attached to his battery. Traffic is slow, yet no one stops I pullout and back up next to his car. I pop the hood of my car to the sound of blaring horns behind me. He turns the key in his ignition, the car starts. He gave me the biggest smile, thanking me perfusely. Then I noticed his small grand daughter in the car. Suddenly, I was no longer irritated.


in the shelter
of dried maple leaves
a seedling

Pat R



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Thursday Doors

The closeup of this door below, is from the church above. These were taken in Washington, D.C.

I’m not sure what this building is. It was at the edge of a park. Very detailed. Also taken in Washington.

I saw this one riding around Brooklyn. It is the entrance of an apartment building.




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Thursday Doors

The green door-
I am not sure this is an entrance to a garage, or to a courtyard as was the case during the age of the horse and buggy. This is a part of a multi-storey building, so who knows. Interesting looking I thought.

The yellow door-
Is to an apartment building.

And the black and white door-
Is to a private home, a Victorian I believe.

They are all taken on the same block in Midwood Brooklyn, the neighborhood of Brooklyn College. ¬†Yep! we’re squished together like that in Brooklyn. All makes and models…archetecture and ethnicities. As a matter of fact, I was on a Falafel run. Even though it was way, way across a few neighborhoods, it was well worth the travels.

Pat R


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