Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

Entrance to an apartment building
The closeup to this is that one above.

I went walking in Brooklyn Heights. Didn’t stay as long as I’d hoped to because it was a chilly day. My favorite this week is #3 & #4.

This is the back side of these two buildings
And this is their view! ( Off the Brooklyn Heights Promenade..forgot to mention that earlier)
These last two is inside St Ann’s Church on Montague St. Well, some of it is on Montague
These two are of the outside

.These last four are inside/outside the now Chase Bank at 101 Court St. The Brooklyn Trust Company was it’s original name,  built in 1916. To read more on this go here.

I thought it might have been a mansion at another time.

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Thursday Doors

door 20160422_222632.jpg

Taken on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.  The back of these homes have a view of the skyline of Manhattan. Fabulous at nights and during the day as well! They’ve been around since the 1800s


That is a elevator door is probably the only original part of this building. The SUNY  College of Optometry. This is on 42nd street, across from Bryant Park.

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