Lina’s Broom – Flower of The Day

For Cee’s Flower of The Day FOTD Challenge

Lina’s broom. An odd name but I like it. It lives in my garden where it’s doing battle with the Lilac and Hydrangea bush. It sits in the middle. All three of them sprawlers.. they’re working it out.


Here’s a picture of the same from last June. It’s well laden, in full bloom. I guess it starts now and just really fill out in a month or so.

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Spring Sprint

spring’s single minded
old leaves perch atop tulips
on the rise – spring sprint

Pat R


For Ronovan’s Write Haiku where the prompt is: Narrow & Minded. I kinda substituted “narrow with single”.

…And I think I will also use this for Cee’s Flower of the Day where you can also use leaves, tulip leaves in this case. #FOTD.