Warm & Cheer

Photo, this was one day last week, the next day it was all gone:) Mother Nature!

full house, warm fire
sparks tall tales cheer and laughter
smell of all things good
family from far and wide
all drawn to the warmth of home

Pat R


#Tuesday Tanka


I am looking forward to Christmas. And no, that’s not my tree:)

Mine is more homely, and alive, and still needs to be decorated:)

I’m going to a fancy birthday party here, really looking foward to it!

For all your support though this year, I thank you.

May the New Year bring you more of what you NEED!


Pat R



Goodwill Choka


Photo of a house in our neighborhood

Christmas drawing near
Season of goodwill and thanks
Children’s full delight
Pure in heart among us all
Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve
Some chimneys he makes
it down some he’s just too fat
But he vows to find a way

Pat R


Christmas Time Haibun

It’s Christmas time in New York City. At this time of year walking down 5th Ave is like taking a stroll through a very glitzy jewelry box. A sea of Christmas decorations spannig the street above the traffic and in store windows on both sides. All of it knee deep in citizens, tourists and the usual sideshows. For some, this is the only time of year that they venture into the city from small towns upstate and from the outer boroughs. While to others, soaking up the Christmas spirit in a stroll that ends, begins or pause at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, is a part of their holiday rituals. It’s a celebration of Currier and Ives coming to life.

spirit of Christmas
in fully staged lithographs
behind velvet ropes

Pat R


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