Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

Entrance to an apartment building
The closeup to this is that one above.

I went walking in Brooklyn Heights. Didn’t stay as long as I’d hoped to because it was a chilly day. My favorite this week is #3 & #4.

This is the back side of these two buildings
And this is their view! ( Off the Brooklyn Heights Promenade..forgot to mention that earlier)
These last two is inside St Ann’s Church on Montague St. Well, some of it is on Montague
These two are of the outside

.These last four are inside/outside the now Chase Bank at 101 Court St. The Brooklyn Trust Company was it’s original name,  built in 1916. To read more on this go here.

I thought it might have been a mansion at another time.

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Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

I like the details on these.
I always liked this type of wood door.
This is an apartment building with a store on the ground floor. That corner really stands out.
Apartment building entrance.

I always wondered what the inside of one of these spaces look like. I imagine a reading nook.

A Baptist Church entrance. This just tucked into the neighborhood. On either side are houses. No big yard. That was so interesting

That’s all for this week.

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#Thursday Doors


A church in Park Slope. This photo is looking more lively than usual. Thanks to my new phone compliments of my daughter. I’m still trying to figure it ot.



Entrance to an apartment building that has been spruced up. Looks like even the inside of thr lobby has had a turn.  This is as a result of all of Brooklyn becoming the new high rent district. It was not this perky looking before, I would’ve noticed.

Only two this week. Enjoy the weekend.

Pat R


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Tan Renga – Silent Steps

silent steps –
one more candle illuminates
the old chapel © Ese

old walls steeped in the history
of personal talks with God

Pat R


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Thursday Doors


The first was taken in Park Slope. Looks like the building has just been renovated, crisp and clean.

The 2nd one has seen some life. It belongs to an apartment building.

thursday doors 20170410_174612

Yep! This used to be the Ex Lax factory, not pricy condos.

thursday doors 20170403_150046-1

I can never see the door on this building. Seems there is alway some construction going on here. But I love the details.

thursday doors 20170410_135647

This feels like the official entrance of Macy’s on W34th St at Herald Square..I may be wrong..there are a few.thursday doors 20170410_134604

This is a Catholic Church door on W 31st St somewhere. Well, that’s my set for this week.  A good Easter to all.

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#Thursday Doors


This is the door to a stone church. One of those that has an old burial ground in its yard. A whole lot of history I’m sure. It’s located in an area that is now highly traveled by people and all manner of buses, cars and trucks. I barely got this pedestrian-free shot. It’s like a step back in time. A stark contrast to what goes on in the surrounding area.

Thursday Doors

This is the door

belongs to this church.

And further down the block was this church. I got caught up in the compact-Ness (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word) of it and didn’t get a closeup of the door. On either side of this church are private homes. So it’s tucked in.

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