Flower of The Day – Hot Lips Salvia

Hot Lips Salvia, a tiny beauty. This photo was taken in Istanbul, Turkey on the grounds of a palace garden.

This place is now a museum – the Topkapi Palace Museum.

Hot Lips – What a name! Who else thought of Hot Lips Hoolahan from MASH?

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and a Happy New Year to you and yours. May all your wishes for the New Year come through. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and the feistiness that makes life interesting.

Thanks for your support in the past year..I do appreciate you!!



Wordless Wednesday – UNITY!

An outstretched arm, pointing toward the sky. A 225 ft bronze sculpture sitting Downtown Brooklyn at Tillary & Adams Streets, near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. This was created by – Hank Willis Thomas, conceptual artist. It is called UNITY. For further reading on this go here.



Bold Faced Moon

she is back to being

a mere sliver of a moon

no longer bold faced –

memories of her rich glow

lingers in darker night sky



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This Holly Plant lives just outside my door.

A season in turmoil. The circle gets smaller. Loved ones pass on leaving us behind to sort out the ravages of being. Such loss is soothed only by a long spring. But wounds remain so, as we find a way to live with them.

we are left standing

as december roars on through

this season of life

a little more worn, rumpled

but for this, we are grateful



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Free fall

an exquisite fumble

for all to witness

crazy is wide awake

no longer lurks deep within

the door of nutsville flung wide open

as he melts all the way down

like a molten candle

never to regain its shape –

that thread that he hung by

now in free fall



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