After Words – Quadrille

These conversations of ours

It feels like you are forever in my presence

moreso than when you walked the earth

So agreeable, and still with the jokes

Don’t you have somewhere else to be?

What type of grieving is this?

– these conversations of ours



For dVerse Poets Pub where the host, De, gives the word Type to be used in a quadrille (a 44 word poem created at dVerse). To participate or just read, go here


I live near a pier. The only activity here is from the locals – a virtual united nations. No boats, no ferries and that is a good thing.

People come out to fish. But I’ve come to realize that this is less about fishing, and more about community. They come out for sunrise, sunsets and in between, picnics and barbecues on days spent by the water.

People are just people. And when we allow for that, we’re all the better for it.

sunrise off the pier

a very picturesque blush-

here, the earth meets sky



For Word Craft with Colleen where the prompt is “taste the rainbow” to read more about it go here.


after raging storm..

life returning to normal

new sand from ocean

now calmly hugging the shore

hosting footprints – till next time



For Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt where the prompt words are Life & Sand. To see other entries or participate go here.

Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

This was a what tha..& pull over sighting in my movement around Brooklyn a few days ago. I was able to Google it and found some info on it. It’s a Queen Anne Style carriage house built in 1882! From what I read this is in Clinton Hills. Part of what was once mansion row. To read more about it go here

To see what it looked like on the inside when it was listed for sale go here

I think I read that it sold this past January for $3.7 mil. Another one of those odd pockets of really cool houses you can find around Brooklyn. I call them survivors.

Not far away from those, were these frame houses. Another pocket. These were either in Fort Greene or Clinton hills.

I just loved the blue on this door. And on a closer look I noticed th ironwork. Nice, I thought

This one is the door to a huge Presbyterian Fort Greene I think

That is all for this week for Thursday Doors over at No Facilities with Dan. To participate or see other entries go here .

Wordless Wednesday

About/ from the curator of the Bonsai Museum at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden go here.

Bonsai Museum at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a ‘hidden gem’ within a gem at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Read more about the collection here.

There’s more to see, I am just obsessed with this one.



Mini Harvest

Mini harvest in my garden

life in the garden –

branches laden with berries

bring smiles of summer



For Ronovan Writes Haiku where the prompt words are Life & Smile. To see other entries or participate go here