Waves of fallen leaves
Being chased by autumn gust
A moving quilt
Twin maples now stand naked
Undressed for fall
No doubt undergoing their
Syrup making phase
It is the oddest thing still,
to get a whiff of maple syrup
Untouched by humans come spring
After these many years,
This amazes me still

blue smoke curls
around burning log
telling tales

Pat R



Thotpurge Micropoetry Month

* Photo of a wall of a building Downtown Brooklyn painted mat black and the artist add these doodles. The whole facade, top to bottom, looks like scribbling on chalk board. But this is far from temporary. Fascinating! !



cauldron of rhythms
bass, drums, wailing tenor sax –
jazz cacophony
summer night under the stars
soulful rhythms fill the air

Pat R


WP Daily Prompt : Cacophony


WP Prompt: Solitude

coney island 1

Snow on the beach at Coney Island in Brooklyn taken on a snowy day…


Taken in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. This is under a canopy of well entwined trees, across from the Japanese Garden.  With limbs low enough to perch on with legs swinging while letting the imagination roam, it’s a child’s dream. Adults too! But, of course you can’t,  it is forbidden. One can only dream:)

Pat R