Christmas Spirit


After welcoming the first fluffy snow
The spirit of Christmas has got me in its throes
I dig up the lights, put up the tree
wrapped gifts are out for all to see
Then I go through the vinyls,
to find the ones with the carols
Side tracked with Sinatra, Dean, Nat Cole
Threw on some Miles and Coletrane too
Before I knew it I’m rummaging through time
But then, all in all, it was a good night

Pat R


First Snow

berries in snow 1


dreams of white Christmas

first snow flakes on red berries

a winter canvas

Rising to the first snow fall of the season, the blanket of snow lay undisturbed. It was our duty to trudge through this eight inch carpet down to savor the creek. This revealed snow perched on mini islands of ice and on bare branches overhanging rushing water. Fingers and toes rebelled, it was time to get back to the warm fire.