Flower of The Day FOTD

For Cee’s Flower Of The Day FOTD where leaves are also allowed. Although, I am thinking this leaf really crashed the party by growing through the middle of this allium. Another photo taken on my walk of someone else’s garden.

Pat R


FOTD – May 21 – Bearded iris

Lina’s Broom – Flower of The Day

For Cee’s Flower of The Day FOTD Challenge

Lina’s broom. An odd name but I like it. It lives in my garden where it’s doing battle with the Lilac and Hydrangea bush. It sits in the middle. All three of them sprawlers.. they’re working it out.


Here’s a picture of the same from last June. It’s well laden, in full bloom. I guess it starts now and just really fill out in a month or so.

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Sidewalk Planter

I noticed on my walk yesterday that the neighborhood birds seems giddy. Take offs and landings have a different energy. They are moving around in larger cliques. A lot of camaraderie, a lot of chatter. Were they always this loud? They have all of outdoors to themselves! No humans disrupting their gatherings. No horns honking. They are reveling in this new found quiet. No droopy faces here.


a lush creeping phlox

is confined to a planter

urge to wander maimed

Pat R


Also for Cee’s Flower Of The Day (FOTD)

FOTD – May 7 – Dahlia